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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 25, 2017 7:00pm-7:34pm AST

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one workload it might. not think you are right. and you are changing as america struggles to contain its worst ever drunk crisis through lines looks at the devastating impact it's having on the children left to pick up the pace and. heroines children of this time. to understand a very different way where there. isn't we don't live. don't go out send a message from kenya's opposition leader ahead of the presidential election were
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wrong also. funny that i'm just a barbie watching al jazeera live from london also coming up an anti terror operation against supporters of iceland's other groups seized cattle impose sanctions on some with yemeni nationals. israel's accused of the systematic abuse of young palestinians when they're arrested in occupied east jerusalem. the high tech facility charged with song think hundreds of thousands of cases of missing people from across the world. kenya's presidential rerun election will take place on thursday a last ditch attempt to delay it failed because five judges didn't turn up to the
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supreme court to hear a petition opposition activists wanted the vote disposed saying it won't be for a year or fair protests have since broken out in western kenya that's the stronghold of the opposition candidate right. now he's already ruled himself out of the race and is calling for a resistance movement to boycott thursday's vote the polish selfie is a rerun after the supreme court an old president who are kenyatta is victory in the first election in august citing irregularities with the vote he's continued to the country to vote despite those opposition protests but ronaldinho has repeated his call for people to stay at home. and. believe god the. lesson. of. the.
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well out of here is mohamed today you can join us live now from the kenyan capital library be so a political coalition to become something of a resistance movement what exactly is that going to mean anything. well felicity he did not specify what he actually means but one thing that many kenyans call son and also the general direction this country is heading to all of this say. sentiments today are informed by deep frustration
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obstacles been put in front of him and he's thirty one years but he ha's very. give us this including the reforms of the electoral commission that have been accused of cutting all those irregularities by the supreme court in. in africa such a movement is associated with being an armed mormon fighting a government to bring about changes we don't know whether this is what israel amends and it will be very interesting to see what the reaction of a president who can ease to these comments from reloading or when he addresses the nation shortly they are still waiting for her having asked her to speak to the nation will bring that to life in the mean time what exactly didn't we can expect from thursday's election given that a dentist said to his supporters please don't go out of date. while you expect more division terminated from these polls because most of
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positions strongholds i expect them to stay away from these elections and constitution is very clear it says the presidential election has to be held and people voting in the two hundred and ninety constituencies of course they can create. constituencies all together boy elections then there will be many questions of legitimacy hung in over a president who can go to victory which at the moment looks highly unlikely because all the committee contesting with him do more top a national appeal we also know that these polls might not but in two thousand and the a long post election period that we have seen riots and demonstrations and police shootings and brutality of the day with the latest there lived in nairobi. and i was there as catherine sawyer has more on those protests we're talking about that's from an opposition stronghold in western kenya. yes protesters have been out
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on the streets all morning they blocked roads. lighting bonfires as well they said they're very angry and particularly after the supreme court. straight that tomorrow they're not going to go to vote they will not. not even wrap up here. they said they also angry with the police. brutality since all gassed during protests thousands of people. have been killed including children and people who. are saying that police have killed must most people people are saying that will not it's very difficult even to see how things like polling material will get. to the people who want to. see how. the love and
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a lot of tension. now in a joint move with the u.s. council has imposed sanctions targeting alleged latest finance is on facilitators of iceland iraq syria and yemen and al qaeda in the arabian peninsula eleven a yemeni nationals a charitable organization and a supermarket make up a list of thirteen the sanctions include asset freezes and travel bans the two countries say the move strengthens their joint commitment to combat terrorism and terrorism financing observes rules and jordan joins us live now from washington d.c. more about how this announcement was made. well the in elsewhere it was made by the u.s. secretary of the treasury stephen the newton who is in riyadh right now for something
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called the future investment initiative conference and during his remarks mr aminu noted that the united states qatar saudi arabia oman the u.a.e. and behind among others have come together is to form a terrorism counterterrorism finance center in order to crack down on those people and those organizations that are supporting these groups around the region and mr newton said that this organization was pulled together back in may because the u.s. considers this sort of financing a national security threat what has happened is that for its part the u.s. has sanctioned eight individuals and one organization qatar has sanctioned about eleven people and two organizations but the upshot is that these joint sanctions which include asset freezes and travel bans are targeted against al qaeda in the
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arabian peninsula which of course has been headquartered in yemen for years as well as against eisel in side yemen which i has come up in recent years but has proven to be as much of a security threat not just to the yemeni people but to other countries in the region as well and so their hope is that by targeting these people and these organizations that they can disrupt much of. his activities around the gulf yeah and also why do you think this is happening now i mean give us a bit more background to this joint u.s. tasa initiative. well of course two things happened felicity first this center was stood up by these countries back in late may the u.s. president doll tromp was visiting the region on an official trip and at the time it was seen as really the next step between the united states and its gulf partners to
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try to crack down on terrorism financing of course a couple of weeks after the announcement of this joint initiative the embargo of qatar was started by saudi arabia and several other countries and so that raised some questions about whether the united states was actually trying to cooperate with all countries in the region or whether it was picking and choosing basic based on political considerations of course then in july we saw the signing of that memorandum of understanding between the united states and qatar where the government in doha underscored its commitment to cracking down on terrorist financing and all those persons and organizations that were carrying out this funding and so you can sort of see that this is a convergence of these two efforts to try to stop the financing because even as the u.s. led coalition efforts to fight eisel in particular in iraq and in syria seems to be
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coming to a close there is still very much a recognition between all of these countries that these groups are not going away just because they may have been defeated on the battlefield and so this is a continuation of what they consider a long running problem which is without the money groups aren't able to carry out attacks and if they can keep these groups from getting the money then perhaps they will eliminate a large part of the security problem are brawls in washington thank you. iraqi kurdish leaders have offered to freeze the outcome of last month's controversial don't force a session with triggered a confrontation with the central government of baghdad which responded by seizing huge areas of disputed territory or the proposals unlikely to be accepted by baghdad which is demanding the results be an old nearly thirty thousand kurds have been displaced from the city of kirkuk which is south of sectarian tension since the iraqi forces took control of its stephanie decker has more from the iraq turkey
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border. it's coming down to the detail of the language but important language the k r g kurdistan regional government offering to freeze the results of that controversial referendum calling for an immediate cease fire and dialogue between baghdad and erbil now baghdad has made it very clear that there will be no dialogue until the results of that referendum are meaning making it void it's a complicated situation it all has to do with disputed territories land issues who controls what that stretches back years and years and years now one man we've been speaking to his family owns this land says that nothing none of this can be resolved through military means the stability of the we want happiness we want brotherhood there has been enough killing among us war solves nothing this needs to be resolved through dialogue and killings need to stop all of the killings if kurdish turkish arabs it doesn't matter everyone just needs to be happy these are hugely challenging times for the kurds of northern iraq anyone you speak to here
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will tell you that it was completely unexpected what's happened over the last week or so the iraqi forces together with shia militia taking areas of territory that had previously been held by the current disputed territory of course but certainly it's just one of the challenges this region also faces huge economic issues mounting debt at the moment and i think more specifically when it comes to the international community people here will tell you whether it's civilians whether it's special matter whether it's politicians that they feel abandoned by the international community that they were embraced when they were fighting iceland now they feel that they've been completely left alone. well turkey's president says he's ready to support iraq as it looks to reopen a crude oil pipeline from the kicker coil sales to turkey a pipeline which hasn't been used since twenty fourteen well help to bypass iraq's kurdish region made comments after meeting the iraqi prime minister. the
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discussions focused on the political military and economic steps that can be taken in response to what they're calling the in a just a mess kurdish referendum. are meeting we rejected the unilateral measure taken by the cards with regards to the referendum we regret such a measure we share the same views on the measure from the outset we agreed iraq's territorial integrity must be maintained and we are still keen on that this is why we cannot accept this referendum or the union lateral measure taken by the kurds or i still had so on the program president xi jinping reveals his new leadership team but. this is one of the regions worst affected by violence in central african republic amid a genocide. hello
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there there's plenty of fine weather to be found over the southeastern parts of china at the moment barely any cloud showing off. so it looks like it will be dry for most of us shanghai they getting to around twenty two for hong kong will be at twenty nine should also be dry and settled for us in taipei as we head through the next few days as well is towards the west with a little bit more cloud that's over this issue on province at the moment but it is sinking its way towards the south so force in chengdu it should be drier on friday as we head across towards india in the northeast dry hair as it has been over the past few weeks and that's not necessarily good news because since to volley happens all the fireworks were let off were the major problem with small get there and it does look like things are going to stay calm weather wise over the next few days so the weather won't help the showers there are a long way towards the south a mostly over sri lanka but a few of them are also just flirting a little bit further northwards as well so we're seeing some of them over the
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southern parts of india and that's where we're expecting them to stay even as we head through friday so the showers all confined to the south of the north it's draw and settled here in doha also draw unsettled and the temperature is definitely easing off now i think our maximum will be around thirty four on thursday during the nights were dropping down to around twenty six. with. documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera.
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welcome back kotter minds at the top stories here on the al-jazeera violence has broken out in kenya's opposition strongholds often officials declared that the state's rerun of the presidential election will go ahead the opposition leader while a dentist says his supporters must boycott the vote. gaza has placed sanctions on eleven yemeni nationals and two yemeni entities in a joint operation with the united states the sanctions target leaders finances and facilitators of isis as well as al qaida if you write in peninsula. iraqi kurdish leaders have offered to freeze the outcome of last month's controversial
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vote for. china's communist party has revealed its new leadership team headed by president xi jinping the only other member who's kept his spot in the seven man lineup is primarily china and as adrian brown explains there seems to be no clear successes as he strengthens his grip on power. the guessing game over who will be china's new top decision makers is finally over . the line up includes five new faces all over sixty the men they've replaced to reach retirement age as expected president xi jinping and premier league chung retain their posts though but once again no woman was selected for the past week president she has been stamping his authority on the party a party he still warns is threatened by the virus of corruption. you know you
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have a young that's the world's largest political party the c.p.c. must behave in a way commensurate with their status this is as close as foreign journalists get to chinese leaders the president said he welcomed objective reporting but not apparently from some of the world's biggest news organizations who were not invited to witness the leadership stab you in theory one of these new leaders will replace huge in paying as president in five years time but the presidency is not the most powerful political position in chinese politics party secretary is paying holds that title and is expected to keep it for many years to come analysts say that she can manage that because he's surrounded himself with yes men. so this is a dangerous phenomenon because. china is a closed system so if the officials. can you now and hear from president hu or
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kenya. where they stated irregularities. in the fall. as many of you know know the court ordered that a fresh presidential election. well apologies for butts we seem to have lost the sound there from my ruby where the president or her kenyatta is speaking ahead of thursday's a presidential rerun of the election that originally took place in august so i was waiting around to see if we can get that sound back from my robe it doesn't appear we can at the moment so we'll leave that and try to go back to kenya a little later was that would be monitoring what he has to say now a new report accuses israel of the systematic abuse of young palestinians arrested
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in occupied east jerusalem it says teenagers are detained in the middle of the night tuesday throwing stones at soldiers and then questioned without a lawyer present culture jan reports. five decades of israeli occupation and many scenes remain the same young palestinians throw stones at israeli soldiers who respond with tear gas but now report from human rights organization beat salaam and hama kid says israel is ignoring special laws to protect the rights of minors and teenagers when they are detained after a protest that this is an age in which people. are more vulnerable and can actually be scarred for life and traumatized for life through such experiences and so you want to have special protections in place. the report's authors say the justice system in israel lacks any understanding of due process
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when handling palestinian teens specifically in occupied east jerusalem and the west bank we have a system in which on one side police officers prosecutors judges the jails will all and always be israeli and in this case you have you know that a student teenagers who are always on the receiving end of this of this reality sixty teenagers suspected of stone throwing were interviewed for the report some were arrested in the middle of the night which is forbidden under israeli law seventy percent of the boys arrested did not know they had the right to remain silent a third of the boys did not speak to a lawyer they said they feared being harmed and were pressured to sign and we have received is the sound. that our kenyan conditioning. can invalidate an election. shows that we are stronger. as
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a democracy. that men would ever have realized. the judiciary. is in fact independent. and it made. its own. decision. that this out. of mature. grounded modern democracy. many nations. with many many more years of experience as democratic states have yet to match. and i believe for this for the cannons. we have every reason to be proud of our nation. to be proud of our progress.
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to be proud. of our maturity. i believe that this. was kenya's greatest democratic test. but that is the season. of the judiciary. suffices to show the world. that kenya. is and is sincere in its commitment. to being a modern democratic state. now fellow kenyans. the judges made it clear. that fresh. presidential elections. must happen within. sixty days. and must be supervised. by v independent
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electoral. and boundaries commission. and even with everything that has happened. since that court ruling. really does. for more political persuasion. have no choice but to abide by that rule. and to abide. by the constitution. that we as kenyans passed in twenty ten. fellow kenyans. tomorrow. we head to the polls. tomorrow we ask god. for his guidance. we ask god. to look over us and to grant each and every one
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of us is them. and peace. in these testing times. tomorrow. we have yet another opportunity. to show the world. that we. are free modern state preoccupied with striving for unity. peace. shared progress and shared prosperity. not only do we have a chance to reaffirm our constitutional. and democratic the democratic right. to choose the president of our republic for the next five years.
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but we also have a unique. opportunity. to solidify the foundations of kenya. as a modern. twenty first century democratic state. i believe. and commit to the fact. that if we hold together as a country. through these challenges. i believe. that we have the capacity to respect the independence of our constitutional institutions. and i further believe that all of us. including those that we have charged with the
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responsibilities and governance. will also put aside partisan ambitions. to participate in the democratic process once again. i believe that if we do so. we will emerge from this episode a stronger more confident. and more united as a people. our forefathers fought and died. for the right of the african to vote. we dare not reject the inheritance. or ellis so painfully one.
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instead. it is my firm belief. that it is our duty to protect and exercise this right. but also remain mindful of its price. i say. that after you vote and i have said this before. please go home. go back to your neighbor. remember that in spite of their origin. your neighbor is your brother your neighbor is your sister. how you have voted or for that matter not voted should not change. the manner in
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which you relate to everyone else in our kenyan family. there's all maintain peace as we exercise. our constitutional right to choose. the electoral agency which is the i e b c earlier today. confirm that all arrangements are in place and i once again reiterate. my administration's commitment to protecting the rights the security. under safety of every kenyan. your right to vote. is in shy and in our constitution. two laws who wish not to
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vote. your rights are also equally protected by the very same constitution. but let no one. infringe. on his brothers or sisters right. and let everyone know. that our security agencies. have been deployed across the country. to ensure the safety of each and every kenyan. let me say that even as we go to vote. this election has been made possible by the selfless service of our public servants especially.
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those in the security agencies. and our election officials. they do a very difficult job. i take this opportunity to command each and every one of them. and i ask every kenyan. to let them see. without hindrance. as is indeed. their duty and right. they have my support. and will continue to do so. have my support. during and even after. elections. so you're listing that to the kenyan president her kenyatta confirming that the presidential we run
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election will take place on thursday we heard from the opposition candidate raw a day in his supporters not to take part in that vote on thursday but. people to go vote he says yes another chance for us to show the world we are a free. twenty five minutes.


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